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 Sharon Mullen 


Who is The Chocolate Writer you ask? Well, it all started with a chance meeting.


My name is Sharon Mullen, and I Am The Chocolate Writer! I love people. I love to just watch them and see what they do. Sociology was my favorite subject in college because it allowed me to examine how large groups of people think and react. It has always been interesting to see how communication and messaging can affect society and move people to action. 


The Beginning

I started writing when I was in the 5th grade. Over the years it became my favorite pastime. Majoring in advertising at my beloved alma mater Michigan State University, I was able to fine tune my craft.


The Chocolate

Fast forward to 2011. I needed a catchy Twitter name. A friend suggested I combine my nickname, Chocolate, with my passion, writing. Thus I became The Chocolate Writer.


The Flow

I currently contribute to 2 magazines in addition to providing marketing, PR and writing services to my clients.


Because of my belief in giving back, I volunteer a lot of my time to good causes in the community. I provide my services to these organizations free of charge as a way to support their efforts. In addition to writing, these services include social media, project management, fundraising and communications.


Stay tuned as The Chocolate Writer begins to publish regular blog posts and podcasts. 


The Word

My clients describe me as: Professional, Approachable, Talented, Persuasive, Thorough, Precise, Timely, Creative, Innovative, Assured, Unique, Down to Earth, Smart, Insightful, Sincere. 


The Future 

The Chocolate Writer will soon migrate into the sole writing division of a larger parent company. Stay tuned!

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