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Your Mission Drives the Business

Why are we here? When you started your business, I am sure you had a concept, a vision or a goal. How about a mission? Did you create your corner of the entrepreneurial landscape because of some burning desire to do something in particular? If so, that something driving you is your mission.

All organizations need a mission statement. Typically a mission statement is one sentence that tells the public the reason your organization or program exists. Not to be confused with a vision statement, the mission statement is also used to help guide key measures and decisions about organizational priorities, actions and operations.

Creating a mission statement should not be too complex. However, you want to be sure the statement is clear, concise, and something easily remembered. Therefore, someone with strong communication skills is usually best suited for creating this key piece of your business foundation. You want to be sure the statement can be easily and clearly communicated to the public. Do not get caught up in flowery language and filler words. Be intentional and direct in your purpose. It will resonate much better with your audience.

Work hard to get your mission statement to fall within the industry recommended length of 15 words or less. Be careful not to overuse words and omit any jargon. The best mission statements stay away from answering how something gets things done or from being inspiring. That is usually done in their vision statement. Mission statements are really the icing on the cake, inviting your audience to come inside for a taste. Your organization then gets the opportunity to inspire them with your consciousness and wow them with your expertise.

For more information on mission statements, or you would like my assistance with creating one for your business, please schedule a consultation today.

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